Q: I am interested in Data Science, do you provide mentorship surrounding this?

A: Currently I do not. However, my mentor Giulio Palombo does and I highly recommend his material. CLICK HERE –> course.

This is the same mentor that helped me break into the tech industry at Amazon right out of college. Similarly, discuss with your manager about expensing this purchase at your current work place.

Q: Can I buy this course with employee budget training? / Will it look bad if it has the word Interview?

A: Yes, it is common practice for tech companies to pay for employee training and they normally set aside $3k-$6k. Discuss with your manager about getting this expensed. Additionally, if you purchase my mentorship package you will be able to expense the course after the fact.

I understand the “Interview” might make you hesitate to expense the course. No worries, I created this page –> expense course
Let me know if you need an invoice or my guidance in writing an email.

Q: Why did you create this course?

A: When I was in college I bought a similar mentorship program and it changed my life. The book was related to data science but unlike other courses that I found online, this course wasn’t just focused on optimizing code and tuning ML models. This course focused on product and business impact. It helped shape my mindset for future interviews and my career as well!

The data engineer landscape is currently facing the same problem where candidates inefficiently do 100 SQL and python problems on leetcode when in reality this is not what will ace interviews at companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google.

Q: Why is the mentorship package so cheap?

A: Given that this economic environment is tough, I want my clients to know right away that this investment will be worth while throughout the year. While competitors like InterviewKickstart charge $10k+ and offer a fraction of what is included, I figured why not include add ons (negotiation help and mock interviews etc) that will truly triple a users chances of landing a top tech job. While most bootcamps and/or mentorship programs offer 1 benefit – i.e it is either a virtual course and no 1-1 feedback or only ONE of the perks like resume review, I wanted to include as much as I could while I still had time available.

Q: How quickly do your students typically see results?

For those students who commit from the start, 3 months is average. This can vary greatly depending on current skills, job environment, motivation etc; but typically students that go through the book and commit to learning can land a job in 90 days.

Q: How did you land a $350k/year job? Can you prove it?

A: I used the tips that I outlined in this book as well as advice that I received from other mentors! People are skeptical how someone with 5 YOE achieved this – this is because negotiation in itself is a skill. Please feel free to email me if interested in showing proof.

Q: What makes this course better than the free courses online?

A: Free courses rarely teach you what an actual business problem looks like that a DE might encounter on the job. This book focuses on how to best prepare you for the data engineer interview without having to become an expert at every single aspect. You can do an Amazon Web Service (AWS) course that might take you a few years to master. This book, however, focuses on giving you enough information to get the job first, so you can learn everything else on the job. 

Q: Can you guarantee I will receive a job offer?

A: While nothing in life is guaranteed, normally candidates show up knowing 1 or 2 of the 6 subjects in the “you will learn” section. For a potential employee to come into the interview knowing all 6, chances of getting multiples job offers increases exponentially. With the premium package, I can tailor my advice given your current situation from the start of your studies to the day you negotiate.

Q: I have a different question, where can I ask it?

A: Feel free to ask me anything by going to this –> page !