Become A Data Engineer

How you can become a data engineer in as little as 60 days (even if you don’t have a CS degree or current experience)

 SQL Interview Questions

Learn how to answer SQL questions from real-life interviews from companies like Amazon. Hint: getting the answer right is not the most important factor.

Python Interview Questions

How to best prepare for python interview questions without needing to practice 100+ questions on Leetcode – this is not a book on becoming a software engineer! 

AWS Concepts

Learn about storage, compute and the tradeoffs between different AWS services. Is there a way to account for unexpected spikes in incoming data?

Database Modeling

How do we choose between a fact or dim table? When to use 1 vs 5 primary keys? What is a foreign key? What are the most common mistakes when data modeling for companies like Doordash?

System Design

How to ensure the safety of our data while also optimizing for speed and cost. Do we need real time data? How frequent is the data refreshed? Does it vary based on types?

Behavioral Questions

Behavioral questions are often the most overlooked aspect of an interview – and for a good reason. Learn not only what is best to say, but more importantly what not to say.


Data Modeling at Doordash

 Let’s say you work for doordash. A customer can go to the doordash app and place an order at their favorite restaurant for either pickup or delivery. Once that restaurant receives the order, they can choose to accept or deny the order. If accepted, then doordash connects the restaurant with a nearby delivery man who picks up the order, and delivers to food to the customer. Design a schema that takes this entire process into account.

SQL Metrics Via Grubhub And Doordash Memberships

We have two datasets- a list of users with a grubhub membership and a list of users with a doordash membership. Create a query to see what percent of users are in grubhub, doordash, and bot

AWS Project

 The best way to learn AWS is to do hands on projects and get exposure to as many AWS tools as possible in one go. That is why I designed 10+ AWS projects as part of my premium package to save you 500+ hours of studying each AWS tool. 

See below for an example of the architecture of one of my AWS projects – enjoy!

System Design At Spotify

You work at a music streaming company called Spotify. You have access to all the data that any music streaming service would have. With every song that a user listens, the data scientists on the team can use Machine learning to learn quickly and give song Recommendations. However, they need the proper data and infrastructure to make their ML work. How would you design a Recommendation Engine?

Course Sections

Fact Tables

Learn about the different types of fact tables and real-life examples of companies that maintain them.

Dim Tables

Different types of dimension tables have their own benefit. Here we’ll discuss each one and see real life examples of companies which use them.

Database Modeling

Design a star schema from scratch and use your dim and fact knowledge from the previous sections to complete this exercise.

Metrics Via SQL

6 SQL exercises to create some of the most common metrics used by tech companies. Identify power users, create window functions, and join across multiple tables. SQL questions like the ones at Amazon and Netflix.

Data storage: S3 Data Lake

Most companies require a data lake. Learn about the fundamentals of storing data, and why how you organize your data matters.

Data Warehouse: AWS Redshift

Practical examples on how to build tables in redshift while optimizing for cost and storage. Figure out how to tune queries to run as quickly and efficiently as possible.


All companies need to budget for compute and optimize for its usage. These exercises will introduce you to different tools and their tradeoffs.

System Design – Case Studies

A list of case studies surrounding how real companies design infrastructure to support their business and the tradeoffs between the pieces they used and didn’t use. System Design questions like the ones at Uber.

System Design – Questions

Some questions to test out your system design skills! Modeled after real world interview questions. System Design questions like the ones at Lyft.

Product Improvement Via Data Engineering

At the end of the day, the goal of every employee is to add value to the business. 4 case studies on how data engineers contributed to the bottom line.

Algorithms Via Python

Learn about computer science fundamentals without having to overstudy, as many Data Engineers typically do. Some python problems, and of course interviewing tips! More importantly, we will go through how to answer these questions and what a real in person interview might look like. Python Data Engineer Questions just like the ones at Facebook.

Most Common behavioral Question

6 behavioral questions that will be asked during interviews and the different variations of how they could be asked. Find out what to say, how to get the experience needed to answer these questions, and most importantly what not to say.

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