About The Author

Christopher Garzon has worked as a data engineer for Amazon, Lyft, and a Fintech Start up where he was responsible for building the entire Data Warehouse from scratch. He has interviewed 100+ candidates and helped dozens of students break into the DE industry.

I started this company because I was once a data analyst for 2 years at Amazon with no proper guidance to becoming a data engineer or a data scientist. It was only in years three and four that I found the necessary mentors to accelerate my learning and become a knowledgable data engineer. Unfortunately I see many recent college grads and data analysts, business analysts, and business intelligence engineers early in their career who also get stuck because of a lack of guidance from their managers or improper information found online. I want to help others avoid the mistakes I made by guiding them through what they really need to know and not get over whelmed by all the information out there.